Demand Representation!

Your local member of the House of Representatives, is your representative in Canberra. As your representative, their loyalty should be to their constituents, not to a political party, not to personal aspirations.

How2Vote is a simple system where you can make sure your representative knows how you wish them to vote on key issues. We'll email all the elected representatives with the wishes of their constituents. Over the parliamentary term we'll let you know about upcoming votes so you can update your positions on major issues and make that known to your local member.

If you like, you can print your own "How To Vote" cards. On election day, you can hand your HowToVote cards to the people volunteers handing out the candidates HowToVote cards, you can ask them to hand your card to the candidate.

How2Vote is not affiliated with any political party. All positions on this site have been submitted by voters and are not the views of, and if you feel none of the available positions represent your views, you can write you own.